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Even if you have been told in the past that you are not a good candidate for contact lenses, our doctors have a solution for you. Tremendous advancements have been made in contact lens technology and lens materials in the past few years.  The result is that contacts are easier than ever to wear.


If you are interested in getting fitted for eyeglasses for the first time, or need a new prescription contact our offices or request an eye exam appointment now!


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We keep our prices for contact lens products as low as possible to be competitive with major online retailers. We also help you obtain exclusive manufacturer rebates on most brands of contact lenses.

What to Expect in a Contact Lens Fitting

If you are being fitted for contact lenses for the first time, you can expect several procedures that aren’t performed during a routine eye exam. To ensure good eye health and contact lens comfort it is important to accurately measure the curvature and size of your eyes. Using the latest technology, our optometrists will take these measurements and choose the appropriate lens.


In addition, we also evaluate the tear film on the front of your eyes. Some people don’t have the tear production necessary to keep their eyes moist with contact lenses. This will allow us to determine if your eyes can handle wearing contact lenses, or if we need to use a special lens for dry eyes.

Our doctors have the necessary knowledge and patience to make your contact lens fitting a success. If you are interested in wearing contacts for the first time, or need a new prescription, contact our offices to request an appointment now!

Wide Selection of Contact Lenses

Our office carries a wide variety of lens types and manufacturers in order to meet the needs of as many patients as possible.

  • Toric Lenses for astigmatism
  • Multifocals for presbyopia (bifocal wearers)
  • Daily disposables
  • New Silicone Hydrogel materials for extended wear
  • Extreme or unique prescriptions
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses in all designs
  • Contact lenses for keratoconus